Holy Smokes: Host a playdate only to find the political class and media take a big one on the chin.

Or, as Pundette said: “Hear her roar.”

I sit in awe.  I couldn’t squeeze in my usual nightly reading yesterday as I had to furiously clean in advance of a playdate this morning.  Followed by more frantic tidying this morning.  A wild afternoon. 

I caught that McCain won last night, and a tidbit about the Alaska primary–the foregone conclusion that RINO Lisa Murkowski would win and Palin would have more egg on her face for endorsing an impossible candidate.

Except that candidate wonThe Other McCain explains why.

Murkowski stayed classy  is “exploring her options” for a third-party run, but Alaska has a rule preventing sore losers from doing so.  There might be a way.  But it would be difficult at best.

Ed Morrissey on repercussions for the chattering classes:

When Shira Toeplitz notes that no poll predicted this outcome, it’s not an exaggeration.  Palin’s endorsement of Miller was seen as a long shot, as well as another volley in a years-long political feud between Palin and the Murkowskis.  Few people gave the endorsement much chance of changing the status quo, especially since Murkowski didn’t have a record that produced anywhere near as much ire among conservatives as Palin’s former running mate John McCain — who won his primary by 30 points.

If Miller wins this race, it’s a testament to the power of Palin in Alaska and the energy of the Tea Party.  It may also be a warning to pollsters to start making some adjustments to likely-voter models in the days ahead.  We’ll keep an eye on the outcome of this race today.



(Because I can see November from my house.  And it looks mighty fine.)

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