Various and sundry, in-law edition

Pardon my light blogging. Between house guests, a sick kid, a sick husband, a sick me, passport renewals, more dishes than I could imagine, a cantankerous toddler who refuses to sleep, an anniversary and a balloon festival, I’m… a little tied up.  But I’ve tried to keep the google reader feed updated via Android (reflecting my obsessive news habit, I know, I know).Via Michelle Malkin, an artist on a mission:

I love that Lincoln looks as angry as he does.  And that Obama appears as aloof and defensive as he is.  Speaking of aloof and defensive, Pundette asks a pertinent question given the wee-weed up nature of our doghouse president:

 You may ask, can’t he hear himself? Nope. Not even a faint echo.

For someone hailed as the Messiah, he’s pretty tone-deaf, no?  Bush-blaming failed to work, but he hasn’t quite figured that out. 

Barbara of Mommy Life sums up my feelings:

 It has gotten so old, so tiresome and so embarrassing to watch this daily grind.

Exactly.  For the first time in my adult life, I’m … embarrassed for my country.

If you need a dose of Chris Christie to wash away the whiff of mutt complaints, look no further.  Via Cubachi, h/t Dan Riehl:

Both note the national tone of the ad despite the local flavor.  Christie governs a state.  With vigor.  A state in serious trouble.  He doesn’t make excuses.  He’s proven his mettle and has actual bona fides a certain um, community organizer never had. 

Palin/Christie ’12.  Hell, Christie/Palin ’12.  A girl can dream.

Other tidbits:

 Chills: why we should be worried about voter fraud in November.   The Other McCain has more.

 (Speaking of whom, if you’re able, hit his tip jar.  He fell prey to whitetail jihad late last night and his KIA was, well, KIA.)

WSJ: Recovery summer it ain’t.


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