Obamaloo, Spitzer on “dirty, nasty” and more: it’s Friday laundry!

Obamaloo?  O down eight points in three weeks to 42% approval, the lowest evah among adults–not registered voters or likely voters.  Ouch.

Even the hopiest of the hopey changey cult losing hope: Shepard Fairey loses hope.  Lame-o MSM quote:

Maybe it was inevitable that Hope would fade.

Someone actually wrote this?  With a straight face?  No wonder they’re all losing their jobs, no?

Eliot Spitzer, client no. 9, claims gubernatorial candidate (D) Cuomo is the “dirtiest, nastiest” of politicians.  Takes one to know one?

Filed under the “nothing about this White House would surprise me anymore” category: If this Malik Shabazz visiting the White House residence is the Malik Shabazz…. then the President owes us all an explanation.

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