Thank you, Obama: the road to (socialist) hell was paved with millions of lost jobs

Glenn Hubbard, Dean of Columbia Business School and former W. economic advisor, declares the U.S. economy “close to a destructive tipping point.”

The final push?  New Obama EPA rules will cost more than 800,000 jobs.  The irony: the environmental rules that prompt the changes will export jobs to China and result in more pollution.  Irony, shmirony, say the Obami, out with those jobs! (Or is it jobs, shmobs, who needs jobs?) 

VDH on Obama’s path to 40% approval ratings (he’ll be there in a jiffy).  The cause in part:

Nearly every issue the president embraces polls against him, often at a 3-1 margin. Cap and trade, amnesty, state-run health care, more bailouts, takeovers, deficits, taxes, and the national debt. His vision is the same as that of the EU circa 1990 — one that even Europe now rejects as a failure.

The answer to every challenge is to found a new program, borrow billions to run it, hire millions more loyal to the progressive gospel of public employment, and demagogue any who oppose it. The public is starting to see that the president’s ideology is really a mixture of the Ivy League, the left-wing of the Democratic Party, the tired canards of the black caucus, extremist residuals from Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers, and twenty years of university multicultural, utopian pacifist, and moral equivalent indoctrination. His Democratic Party is not one with half the House Democrats and does not appeal to liberal independents. He’s the sort of progressive professor whom the proverbial new student comes home at Thanksgiving to quote to a shocked parent..

Obama can no more adopt a centrist identity that Rev Wright could become a Billy Graham, or Jimmy Carter could pivot like Bill Clinton. Most House Democrats grasp that unwelcome truth and so mightily fear his presence in their districts.

Once again, governing against the will of the people has consequences.  Though the Obami aren’t of this world where actions have consequences–it’s not their fault we’re too stupid to see their brilliance.  


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  1. I agree with him. Every policy this administration has enacted has been dreadfully wrong.

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