“You don’t mess with God’s girl.”

No,  you don’t.  Need a little inspiration today? 

Gianna Jessen says Cerebral Palsey–caused by the botched late-term abortion she survived–enriches her life.  She runs marathons.  And speaks truth to power sans a  teleprompter, but when you’re telling the truth with grace, wit and conviction, you generally don’t need one.

Want to see an eloquent speaker?  Behold: 

You might remember abortion survivor Gianna Jessen from the ad aired during the 2008 campaign, the ad in which she rightly detailed Barack Obama’s repeated votes against the  Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act while a state senator.  (Hey–at least he didn’t vote present, right? He  stands for something folks, like denying medical care to infants born alive during botched abortions.  What a charmer!  And he’s our president.  Aren’t you proud?)

Check out Gianna’s website here.

UPDATE: linked by Backyard Conservative.  Thanks!


4 Responses

  1. […] a recently discovered blogger, Political Junkie Mom, comes a riveting speech by Gianna Jessen.  You may be already familiar with her life story:  […]

  2. […] UPDATE 3:  In case you’ve forgotten there are survivors of botched abortions, here’s Gianna Jessen. […]

  3. God bless her. That is awesome. 🙂

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