Power of the people: conservatives get smart and send candidates money, circumventing the Scozzovafa RNC which fell short of its fundraising goals last month.  

Oremus:  will the Obami force  entice Kendrick Meek out of the Florida Senate race, thereby throwing (D) support behind Orangina Charlie Crist and throwing a wrench in Marco Rubio’s win.  Ace says no.

Calling Food Police 911: Nanny state New York wants to ban the purchase of sugary drinks with food stamps.   Allahpundit says:

Alternate headline: “Poor people to be deprived of one of few remaining simple pleasures.”

Heh.  Whiny New York post grads who buy organic salmon at Whole Foods won’t be able to fetch organic cane-sugar sweetened nouveau soft drinks, either, so I guess we’ll call it even.

Government “underestimates” job losses by 902,000 last year.  File under: had this happened under GW, the sky would have fallen.  But whoopsie! say the Obami: we forgot to subtract another million jobs we destroyed!  Speaking of jobs, there are none to be had.

More “common sense porn” from Chris Christie via Cubachi: we don’t have the money, so it won’t be built.  Hooah!


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