What struck me most about Europe when I found myself with a sick toddler halfway through a trip?  The inability to choose for myself.  One brand of toothpaste–Aquafresh, in case you wondered–prevailed at grocery stores and pharmacies.  I can live with that for a few weeks.  But one type of wood-chip facial tissue?  Seriously?  My poor kid runs with fear when she spies the kleenex now.  With good reason.  I can’t say that I buy into every facet of consumerism, but when the nose faucet starts, I want the ability to find soft tissue for my kid.  Enough said.

Posting will commence when the laundry’s done and the sugar rush is over.  I came home to 10 Mitt Romney robo-calls and a flood of election mail.

Counting down the hours until I can walk to my local polling station Tuesday.  You?


2 Responses

  1. ; ) We’re down to 24. Giddy! It’s going to be fun skipping my way to the poll tomorrow morning. (OK, skipping in my heart–hard to control a stroller down massive hill while skipping. lol).

  2. 30 hrs., 44 min. 🙂

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