Saturday Night Swoon: Rubio address

Via Hot Air:

Love. Him. I pray he and others are able to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire and make something of this conservative resurgance rather than squandering it a la Gingrich.

Ed Morrissey’s explanation of why the Democrats feared a Rubio win is spot-on:

If you want to see why Democrats feared Marco Rubio so much that they tried to stick a knife in the back of their own candidate to stop him, this video demonstrates just how powerful a figure he will become with a national platform on which to speak. The GOP may not have had a speaker like Rubio since Ronald Reagan, excelling at both the message and the mechanics of oratory — and even Reagan didn’t have this kind of compelling backstory. Rubio reminded listeners of his origins from a people exiled from their birthplace because of their desire for freedom, and the dream of a better life that is a “sacred duty” for this generation to deliver to the next, not to mortgage from the next generation for our own exploitation.

Is it too soon to hope for a Christie/Rubio ticket in ’12?  Heck, no one will be able to throw the “the VP candidate has no experience” canard given that he’ll have had the same experience (actually, plus quite a bit from his statehouse days) that Barry O had going in to the top of the ticket.  Just sayin’.  A girl can wish, right?


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