To fly or not to fly

State-sanctioned molestation, scar kneading, and boob flashing all sap the joy out of planning a family vacation in January, no? And do “Compton scatters” interfere with a fetus?  A growing toddler?

I think I’d punch someone if he kneaded my c-section scar.  Just sayin’.

And ditto for someone who separated me from my child in a busy airport.  Out of sight, no less.

I can’t help but wonder what the reaction would be if GW were still in office.  “Bush’s government goons strip fliers of rights,” or something to that effect would be emblazoned across every newspaper.

Instead we’re told we “give up rights” to fly.

Maybe Obama’s trying to save Amtrak?  ‘Cause it’s starting to look pretty good for shorter trips.

Pardon the light blogging.  Overwhelmed by my never-ceasing to-do-list of late.


3 Responses

  1. QR, the rest of us are wicked pissed.

    TMT-no lie. Once cavity searches become the norm, I think we need to band together and pool resources for our own plane. If enough people opt out of flying completely and cripple the industry, maybe the airports will all kick TSA out and go private. And if private has the cojones to apply Israeli smart profiling (profiling! What a concept!) rather than strip searching old ladies and separating young mamas from their kids, then we’ll have a chance.

    But that would take common sense. So no guarantees.

  2. Pray my friends that the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber is not followed up by the tampon bomber…or worse. If TSA follows its knee jerk reactions, I’m sure you can imagine the changes to the search patterns that will ensue…

  3. It does look like the gov’t is intent on restricting the movements and habits of all but the most compliant. If you don’t comply, they make things very inconvenient for you. Most people will drift toward the convenient, until the whole society is conditioned to comply. The rest of us are just in the gov’t’s way.

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