More idiots coming out of the woodwork

As per the WaPo’s GOP voters are racist idiots, we have another look-at-these-bitter-clingers-who-vote from a University of Wisconsin political scientist.  (Seriously, is that any surprise?)

Via Byron York, “Top Political Scientist: U.S. voters are pretty damn stupid.”  Heh.

Franklin was responding to a question from Bill Lueders, news editor of Isthmus, a weekly alternative newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin.  In an account published Thursday (H/T Ann Althouse), Lueders says he asked Franklin why “the public seemed to vote against its own interests and stated desires, for instance by electing candidates who’ll drive up the deficit with fiscally reckless giveaways to the rich.”

“Franklin, perhaps a bit too candidly, conceded the point,” Lueders writes.  “‘I’m not endorsing the American voter,’ he answered. ‘They’re pretty damn stupid.'”

Lueders writes that he responded, “Thank you, professor.  That’s the answer I was looking for.”  The rest of Lueders’ account explains that smart voters support things like high-speed rail and higher taxes for the rich, while dumb voters support “an obvious phony like [Republican senator-elect] Ron Johnson over Russ Feingold.”

You know, the (D) powers that be want light rail in that thriving city of Detroit.  So they can hand out free tickets to all the jobless people or something.  (I think they’ve forgotten there aren’t any rich folks left to tax!)

And how about that “That’s the answer I was looking for,” eh?  Had a journalist working for a conservative publication expressed such a sentiment aloud, he would be pilloried. But a wannabe JournoLister?  No problema.

As for the “smart voters support… more taxes for the rich,” it’s because those “smart voters” want to keep lining their own pockets as they pull the (D) lever at the expense of someone else.  Meanwhile those dumbass Republican voters understand the simple concept of stopping inane public works projects that aren’t affordable when there isn’t any damn money to spend.  Voting contrary to their interests?  Hogwash.  Voting in the best interests of future generations. 
God Bless those dumbass voters.  They may well save our country from the smartasses.
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3 Responses

  1. I live in a major metropolitan area which has been burdened by its politicians with the blight called light rail. It’s major function is to transport trolley jumpers who don’t pay fares to new neighborhoods where they can ply their criminal trade. Oh yeah, and for a couple of hours a day outside of weekends and the many, many government holidays some commuting desk-jockeys ride it too.

  2. Are these the same American voters who, two years ago, were enlightened and wise? Funny how it’s our IQ that drops so sharply, so quickly, isn’t it?

    • Well, you know how quickly high schoolers on a kool-aid Bender lose IQ points? Must be the sugar high. : ) (Shh. Don’t tell Michelle that kool-aid had sugar!)

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