To market, to market to buy a fresh…


I think my darling husband would leave me if I served lamb on Thanksgiving.  Iraq ruined lamb forever.  I don’t mind.  We make the best turkey.   Alton Brown rules the bird.  Brine it and roast, hot and fast.  Let it rest.  A thing of beauty.  (In all seriousness, I was never a fan of white meat until we started brining.  I prefer it now.)

Instapundit notes the higher cost of this year’s Thanksgiving grocery run.  I lucked out on turkeys this year by buying sales and stocking up.  I admit that we finally bought a deep freezer.  (That I find a deep freezer such an exciting purchase scares me.  Oh, how life changes.  Vacuum cleaners.  Steam mops.  Deep Freeze!)

More recipes and links to follow.  First. Must. Brave. Commissary.  Two days before Thanksgiving.  Stupid is as stupid does, no?


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  1. No worries. I’m right there with you in the kitchen. Thanks. I have the brine ready and am going all-in. I managed to find a handful of commenters who said that they always use a “pre-basted” butterball. I was intrigued, though, by a number of comments from folks who have used the recipe for years and tried it with just the aromatics and the hot/high roasting method sans brining. I might give it a go next month.

    Have fun cooking and get some sleep!

  2. Hey QR–I’m in a quandry. I bought a frozen bird for the first time, even though that’s what AB recommends. I saw “natural” and “abx free” and didn’t worry. Also didn’t read the label. It’s … pre-injected. Bastards. Would you still brine? I’m working my way through the billion comments on the turkey itself and can’t figure out if *everyone* buys a butterball or pilgrims pride and doesn’t give it a worry or … what. Blah. You?

    • Sorry, I’ve been in the kitchen for the last however long.

      If you have decided to go for the brining, don’t worry. It will improve your bird.

      If memory serves, the brining will suck out a lot of the bad stuff.

  3. Great minds think alike, they say.

    I been following Alton’s recipe for the brined bird for the last two years (big hit, both times), and was just rummaging for the recipe.

    Your link saved me some looking.

    Have a great feast!

    • ; )
      Glad to be of service.
      We tried the GE turkey three years ago. Will never tinker with the perfection that results.
      Happy cooking, QR, and happy Thanksgiving!

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