Well, hell, I hope you *feel* safer after being molested or receiving a questionable dose of radiation

Because you aren’t according to a security expert who coined the term “security theater” years ago.  So bend over and enjoy it.  Hey, at least TSA promises not to start cavity searches! Woot! Don’t you want to go book a flight now?

(Except this lady had what I’d call a cavity search.  Inside her undies?! Seriously?!)  We’re supposed to feel better that TSA said “it shouldn’t have happened.”  The same TSA that informs us that we can submit to groping or face $10,000 fines.  What about victims of sex abuse?

Comforting, ain’t it?

Meanwhile, public support for the undie gropes plummets.

Unrelated: please, someone, make her go away.  Oddly enough, the book reviews weren’t enough to make her hide.  Dammit.

Also unrelated: some Hillbuzz fun to cleanse the palate.  A taste:

I have been trying to use the maelstrom of media howling over Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars to force the media to choke on its own hypocrisy.

Everyone from CNN to Entertainment Tonight has been screeching “that’s not fair!” over our efforts to vote early, often, and under various aliases for Bristol Palin in a television show’s voting system that is designed for voting early, often, and under various aliases.

But these people have never had any interest at all in covering the rampant voter fraud and election tampering Democrats have engaged in for years, using ACORN, the SEIU and other unions, the Black Panthers, and Organizing for America.

I wanted to paint the media into a corner over this…and it looks like the Washington Post is the first to acknowledge my point that “voting like a Democrat” is shining a light onto voter fraud in actual elections…which should get the same scrutiny from the media that this TV show is getting.

 Go get ’em, Kevin!


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