What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

The first time my husband and I had Thanksgiving together complete with all of my family favorites (“You mean, it’s … real cranberry sauce? Not from a can?”), my darling proclaimed it the best meal of the year. 

We were married the next fall.

In time for Thanksgiving, by the way, but predictably enough, he deployed to Iraq that year.


Today is baking day.  On  the docket while I listen to Rush: mini pumpkin cheesecakes, pecan pie and its myriad variations (pjHusband likes it with dark chocolate, I like the custard with walnuts and fresh cranberries, so now I bake the lot in muffin pans), Pundette’s cranberry bread (shh, don’t tell my mother), and these little guys for place markers

Are they not adorable?  My toddler keeps calling them “candy corn peacocks!”  Heh.

And if you’ve never checked out Our Best Bites, it’s my favorite food blog, hence the link on the sidebar.   Also gracing our table this year are their bacon green been bundles.  Yum.  Michelle would NOT approve.

2 Responses

  1. Those turkeys are so cute. I might have to steal that idea from you for next year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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