Brave or crazy? (The bears are hibernating now, right?)

So I didn’t realize the brining quandry moving would present. For two of the past three Thanksgivings in NOVA, we parked the bird on the second story deck off the kitchen.  It was cold enough. There wasn’t any access to the deck from below. The bird brined in peace. The other year, I had enough room in the fridge–a minor miracle.

So. I didn’t think about this until, well, tonight.

No room in the fridge.

No room in the giant pot for more ice either, to safely brine in the garage.

It is below freezing outside.

13 degrees, to be precise.

The problem?

Stairs that lead up to the deck.

The other problem?

Bears, foxes, skunks,  raccoons, mountain lions and coyotes.


See my dilemma? 

Brine the bird outside and run the risk of not having one at all.

Or a potentially  germy bird in the garage.

Alton Brown would know what to do: build a barricade at the top of the stairs. And wedge that giant pot of brining bird in the corner between a planter, a grill and a bear mat. Just in case they’re not hibernating.

And pray that the bear mat stops any other thieves in the night.



2 Responses

  1. LOL. We still had a turkey this morning. Yea! Though I had to chip through the ice layer that formed.

    Hope you and yours had a lovely feast and day, QR. Maybe one day we’ll be able to have a real potluck ; )

    (And what is it with conservative women–we’re all pretty good cooks!)

  2. Alton would call in the staff. . . .

    Hope you had a great holiday. I’m sure everyone enjoyed that turkey!

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