Is it just me?

Or is there a problem here?

There are many instances of the partisan dynamic working in one direction here. That is, conservatives and Republicans who had no problem with strong-arm security measures back in the Bush 43 days but are upset now. Charles Krauthammer is the classic example: forthrightly defending torture as, in limited circumstances, a necessary tool against terrorism, yet now outraged about “touching my junk” as a symbol of the intrusive state.

Charles Krauthammer defends torture to keep us safe.  Touching of Junk keeps us safe.  Therefore, Charles Krauthammer is a moron for not defending the touching of junk.

I would’ve thought Atlantic staff writers would be above logical fallacies, but I guess working as a speechwriter for Carter would reduce one to thinking in such patterns, no?

4 Responses

  1. Fuzi, my maternal grandfather–who didn’t attend college until his 40s on the GI Bill–could teach Aristotelian logic. From what he learned in high school. When I taught, the only the AP Eng kids learned formal logic.

    QR, as always, you sum up reality well. Terrorists receive the benefit of doubt and liberal largesse while WWII octogenarians are humiliated in full view. Only in America.

  2. QR, that is the most chilling thing I’ve heard. Geez, I wouldn’t put it past them to have that be the new “choice”: Sharia or a police state (there are too many people in America who have little to no idea what Sharia is).

  3. I don’t know. . .

    You might consider it completely fair to define a strip search for an Islamic terrorist captured on the battlefield as “a form of torture” (not making this up) while subjecting a WWII hero to a public full-body “pat-down” because his combat injuries and age infirmities prevent him from going through a peep-show scanner.

    …if you think it’s time to submit to Shariah law.

  4. It’s so not just you. These sorts of illogical mental gymnastics are incredibly common among dems. That’s what you get for teaching about gay penguins and masturbation instead of subjects actually worthy of study in our schools (remember when we learned about things like faulty syllogisms? Those were the days).

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