Maybe it’s just me, part 2

How can the Senate vote on a bill that’s not even written in final form?  Seriously, y’all.  How hard is it to twist someone’s arm to vote for something sans provision abc only to slip it in later? This is just … dirty.

Michelle Malkin has the numbers to call the GOP fence-sitters on this shamnesty for illegal college-age students, aka the DREAM Act.  Why add incentive to illegal immigration?  Hey, my kids will be able to get in-state tuition! 

In other Senate fumblings, it seems ol’ Harry forgot his handy dandy pocket Constitution.  Via Hot Air:

Apparently, no one told Harry Reid to check Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution before passing S510, the food-safety bill that Democrats hailed as a major lame-duck session achievement earlier this week — and which ran afoul of their own party in the House.  Section 107 of the bill raises taxes, and as any Constitutional scholar can attest — or anyone else who has actually read the document that Senators swore to uphold when taking office — only the House of Representatives has that power

Heh.  Senate Democrats already had press releases.  Idiots on parade.  Unfortunately, said idiots make the rules for the rest of us.

Scary, eh?


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