Thursday (already?!) laundry

Sheesh.  It’s nearly 2200.  Better late than never!

Head over to the Potluck to give a rousing welcome to a new addition to the gang of conservative gals, Zilla of the ResistanceYukio headed up the Welcome Committee with gusto, but feel free to add your own thoughts.

Also on Potluck, I made note of the bailouts (for the lack of a better word) of European banks during the financial crisis and now the EU itself.  Because our government has such an overflowing pot of rainy-day money to spend, right?  And the half-century of socialist policy did so well that we’re following the path ourselves!  The discussion thread is entertaining. 

Someone, please make her go away.  She redefines stupid with every syllable that leaves her mouth.

Heh: Nancy Pelosi, first female Speaker, never provided convenient toilet access for women in the House.  So much for Potty Parity, no?  Hypocrisy of Democrats and “Feminists” knows no bounds.

Mark Hemingway eviscerates Thomas Friedman’s ode-to-China-they’re-so-much-better-than-us and proclaims Friedman should just leave.  It’s so awesome, I can’t add a thing.  I hope Friedman realizes once he’s in Communist Utopia that he won’t be able to write anything critical of the government-so-loved or it’ll land his ass in prison.  But explaining such to a liberal statist with such a massive hard-on for the glories of communism is futile. 

Alien life discovered in California.  Surprisingly no, not Hollywood.  As usual with all things brilliant and scientific, Watt’s Up With That has more. 

The Religion of Peace: Moderate Imam, known for teaching non-violence, beats the tar out of his wife while reciting select verses from the Koran.  As Gateway Pundit says,

At least he didn’t behead her.

How true!

Completely unrelated to anything political: sublime.  Want to see something cool?  Clouds are an obsession of mine ever since witnessing these six years ago.  This Georgia girl had just moved out West.  By the way, mammatus clouds are completely harmless.

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