Nothing says “Noel” quite like Planned Parenthood Christmas cards!

Jill Stanek’s post highlights Planned Parenthood’s holiday … outreach.  Wouldn’t you love to trade in your outdated Nativity scene cards for this?

Go ahead and replace the thoughts of Virgin Birth with Infanticide and you’ll be up on the times!

Note to Planned Parenthood: your card design might need rethinking before next season.  If you suffer from poor sales, realize that your card has a cute little baby bird stuck between two parent birds.  Granted, they might be of the same sex, thus passing the PC test in the minds of your target audience.  You might want to consider having a broken baby bird trampled on the ground and the happy parents celebrating their freedom and choice above their dead child, which would reflect your mission and purpose.

A few Christmases ago, I learned the limitations of Facebook and “reconnecting” with old high school chums after seeing one post this:

Please don’t send me Christmas gifts.  Instead, please feel free to donate to some of my favorite charities.

Stupidly, I clicked.  It’s incredibly difficult to think highly of a person after they openly advocate donations to Planned Parenthood and NARAL for Christmas.

But what do I know–a rube Catholic who believes in the Virgin Birth and life at conception.  How quaint.

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UPDATE: linked at P&P.  Thanks!

UPDATE 2: linked at Adrienne’s Corner.  Thanks!


6 Responses

  1. The don’t seem to miss a holiday. The valentines they did earlier this year were so distasteful. But, it is all about money to them.

  2. Another sign of the sick sad times we’re living in.
    I shared this at that political page I run on facebook.
    One of the commenters to this post there remarked on what a terrible misnomer “Planned Parenthood” is for that organization. He’s right.

  3. Loved your “NOTE to PP” how creative !!! I think everyone pro-lifer should Give The Gift of Maafa21 a film which exposes the truth about the founding of Planned Parenthood- give that gift this Christmas and ask your reps to defund Planned Parenthood- Watch Maafa21 trailer here

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