Problem is, he’s the tragedy

Liberal hand-wringers desperate for their One to make a political comeback hope for the worst.  So says Mark Halperin writing in TIME who explores the necessity of a “tragedy” to resuscitate Obama’s fortunes.  He writes:

No one wants the country to suffer another catastrophe.

Of course not, Mr. Halperin.

But when a struggling Bill Clinton was faced with the Oklahoma City bombing and a floundering George W. Bush was confronted by 9/11, they found their voices and a route to political revival.

I see.  And you think this would help Obama, too?
The past two years suggest not. 
Of course, the Oklahoma City attack killed 168 people, and September 11 nearly 3,000.  So Halperin quickly adds: “Perhaps Obama’s crucible can be positive — the capture of Osama bin Laden, the fall of the Iranian regime, a dramatic technological innovation that revitalizes American manufacturing — something to reintroduce him to the American people and show the strengths he demonstrated as a presidential candidate.”

Maybe a bin Laden capture or Iranian revolution would help, although it seems highly unlikely that a dramatic technological innovation would revitalize American manufacturing in time for Obama to be re-elected in 2012.  But the fact is, presidents have often shown their true mettle in the face of tragic circumstances.  And Obama’s partisans appear to be coming very close to hoping for a tragedy to revive the president’s political fortunes.

The problem for Obama and his minions?  HE is the tragedy they’ve been waiting for.  And in all honesty, he’d fill Carter’s shoes in another Iranian revolution.  How, exactly, would that help him?


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