Pot calling the kettle black alert (no, that’s not racist): Fox played by WH rules and liberals cry “media spin”

This is close to ridiculous.

Via Memeorandum, the folks at Media Matters are in a tizzy over an internal email at Fox News recommending the phrase “government option” over “public option.”

Instead, Sammon wrote, Fox’s reporters should use “government option” and similar phrases — wording that a top Republican pollster had recommended in order to turn public opinion against the Democrats’ reform efforts….


[Frank] Luntz argued that “if you call it a ‘public option,’ the American people are split,” but that “if you call it the ‘government option,’ the public is overwhelmingly against it.” Luntz explained that the program would be “sponsored by the government” and falsely claimed that it would also be “paid for by the government.”

First, if Luntz “falsely claimed” the “public” option would be “paid for by the government,” who exactly, according to the liberal geniuses at Media Matters would foot the bill?  Space aliens?  I doubt they’re conservative enough to believe that the cost is truly borne by the taxpayers who fund government.

Second, does anyone naïvely believe that the White House et al doesn’t poll as extensively and aggressively and that they knew they needed to use the phrasing “public option” over “government option”?!  Hells bells, folks, every hook, line and sinker out of that place is scripted and telepromted.  With good reason. 

So to recap: the White House and its minions choose to use the phrase “public option” in selling the crap sandwich of healthcare they shoved down our collective throats because they thought they would win us over by deceiving us.  An editor at Fox News chose to use a better description in order to more accurately reflect the truth of the situation.  And gee, turns out that the public didn’t like the accurate description.  Therefore in liberal minds, the Fox crowd attempted “to turn public opinion against Democrats’ reform efforts,” when in fact, Fox folks were speaking the truth.

Ah, the pain and angst of modern liberals: truth rarely helps, does it?

And need I say more than JournoList?  Where liberals actually colluded to deflect news coverage with false charges of racism?  Apples and oranges.  What Fox did was not deceptive.


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  1. I find it hilarious you both resort to the online equivalent of throwing sand in someone’s eyes by bringing something unrelated to the topic rather than addressing it. There’s no reference to President Bush in the story or in my post, nor is there a reference to the campaign. It’s the job of the White House to persuade. It’s not the job of news organizations.

    • You may want to let the fringe media know that, then. You have, I’m hoping, heard of Journolist and all of the “mainstream” “journalists” (both print and television) who considered themselves part of Obama’s presidential campaign? If not, Google it. If so, explain to me how their purposefully working to suppress information and to attack his opponents (including Hillary Clinton, btw) is the job of a news organization.

      As to addressing Fox wanting the healthcare monstrosity called “government option,” I did. I said that the term is apt. It is now, it was then. The government was going to be organizing, regulating, funding, running the so-called “public option,” so how is it not an accurate term to use? If they selected it to emphasize the government’s role, I have no problem with that. And as a Fox viewer, I can assure you (or you can check YouTube) that Fox did indeed call it the public option. Various pundits and reporters also referred to it as “government-run” health care, while others referred to it as “the health care reform bill.” Perhaps you missed that, though.

    • Who is throwing sand with generalizations? Let’s see. You wrote:

      The White House using selective language to help garner support for a bill isn’t remotely the same thing as a news organization using selective language to help kill a bill.

      I understood that to mean *any* WH and its agenda. How is that sand throwing?
      If Obama can use “selective” language handed to him by polling pundits and wizards of smart to craft an agenda to sell to the public, then why can’t Bush? The difference? The media acts as handmaiden to Obama’s agenda because they agree with it. If one outlet chooses not to pimp out the WH line, why, exactly, is that not their job? The press can only question the President if said President is a Republican and they dislike the agenda? No, that’s not the job of news organizations.

  2. Talk about missing the point. The White House using selective language to help garner support for a bill isn’t remotely the same thing as a news organization using selective language to help kill a bill. If you think these two things are parallel, you misunderstand both journalism and governance.

    • Please explain it to me, Patrick.

      I’m sure you can think of plenty examples from the Bush era White House, when the “selective language” used by the government was pimped by the media Fourth Estate to further the same agenda.

      Oh, wait, forgot. Not the same, is it, when a Republican is in the WH?

      Now pardon me while I finish making my Christmas cards with my toddler.

      • Aw, pjMom, clearly he means that there’s a difference between (oh, say) the journolisters who saw themselves as part of BO’s presidential campaign, and in that role, they plotted to smear Sarah Palin and bury / defuse stories about BO and the smears/burials/defusing done by the actual campaign itself.

        That’s probably the parallel Patrick means for us to see in this story about Fox’s electing to use “government option” (an apt description, as it happens) and the (then still-watched and trusted) MSM actively campaigning for a political candidate.

  3. Good post. I saw this whiny crap and was formulating something, too, but now I don’t need to. :p

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