The Nanny bandwagon: smoking edition

Not content to let Michelle Nanny the country all by her lonesome, Tom Brokaw pens an op-ed in the WaPo arguing that Obama and incoming Speaker John Boehner should quit smoking together. 

The latest surgeon general’s report on the effects of smoking on America’s health-care costs and general well-being is one more stark reminder of the damage that smoking does. […]

John Mendelsohn, head of MD Anderson, the highly regarded Houston cancer clinic, says that if he could do one thing to dramatically cut cancer deaths in the country he would outlaw smoking. […]

They found that a 24-year-old male smoker would cost himself and society $220,000 in his lifetime of lighting up.

Ah the societal costs.  Maybe the government can seize the Nicorette company next so it can be passed out free?

But the emotional pain is worse:

These numbers, of course, do not include the pain and the emotional toll of watching a friend or a family member die of tobacco-related diseases. I’ve lost seven friends to smoking-related lung cancer. Each death was a long, agonizing experience. After 50 years of smoking unfiltered cigarettes, my father died, too young, of a massive heart attack. He was 69. It’s almost certain that all those years of nicotine inhalation were a major contributor to his clogged arteries.

While I sypathize with anyone who has lost his father, I question whether 69 is “too young.”  Especially for a man of Brokaw’s father’s generation.  But the argument he uses, please spare others the angst and anguish of smoking-related disease and death is a silly one.  Would he ask to ban cars if his father had died in a traffic accident?  Or airplanes if a crash?  It’s silly to include such an emotional appeal.  But then again, we’re talking about nanny state dreams, where emotional appeals reign rather than logic.

Contrast that with Boehner’s attitude:

“Tobacco is a legal product in America, and people have a right to decide for themselves whether to partake. Smoking is something I choose to do; maybe at some point I’ll decide I’ve had enough.”

Ah, an adult making choices for himself.  No wonder Brokaw has difficulty with it.

H/t: Hot Air headlines


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