Help-my-in-laws-are-on-the-way-and-I’m-buried-in-Christmas various and sundry

Pardon my absence for a few days. Insanely busy doing what normal people   procrastinators do before Christmas, i.e. fix beds and clean rooms for incoming visitors, chase toddler, assemble packages to be mailed for family and friends, make the candy for aforementioned packages, cursing the rising humidity due to snow, chase toddler, finish making cards, searching high and low for the address changes.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

But I did pause from Mount Washmore to see that the DREAM Act cloture vote failed.  Wrap that up and put it in my stocking, Harry Reid, you just made my day.  Michelle Malkin has the play-by-play.

Pundette’s brave enough to venture out in NOVA to shop the weekend before Christmas.  May the force be with you.  She celebrates Mark Steyn’s return at Potluck.  And the young adult reading guide she wrote for Right Network is first-rate.

More Potluck action: Zilla on Femisogyny

Quite Rightly has some music to bake by–will add that to my playlist once I figure out how to use the ipod dock that connects to the stereo that came with the house.  Yes, it’s been one of those weeks. 

Fuzislippers warns us to bunker up in the Age of Obama (oh, the twists and turns of fate, no?) 

And Retriever has officially scared the lights out of my Christmas tree.  Oh, it’s watered, three times daily, but the dry Colorado air might mean a fake tree next year.  Watch these if  you’re not faint of heart.  My favorite: dry tree vs. high moisture tree.  Oh why did we get one so early?!  Oh, because they were on super sale at Costco and its was gorgeous.  In all fairness, most of the branches feel fine.  Ours just has weird dry spots that make me wary.  So much for keeping it up till Epiphany this year.  Death-trap tree will have to go.


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  1. Oh darn. I wish I had stopped by sooner. The recipe I got off the Web didn’t turn out too well. And I could have added them to the crystalized ginger cookies I am making tomorrow. Sigh.

    • ; ( Oh no! Always ask. I’m golden at sea level. Altitude I’m … working on it. I baked professionally for a few years, though it seems like eons ago. And I’m cursed with a wicked sweet tooth. And a husband who hounds me for baked goods. I love cooking in general. Just having a difficult time adjusting to the infinite ways thin air and minimal humidity play into cooking and baking from scratch. Not so much fun! Add a little extra salt–kosher or sea–to the ginger cookies. A little extra salt is one of the best cookie tricks ever. I swear by it for chocolate chip. ; )

  2. Thanks, Zilla. QR, I wish I had a chance to reply sooner–buried last night in neverending to-do–but the best cookies with heath bits, just use the toll house recipe, but with all dark brown sugar. The toffee also holds up beautifully with spice–I like to add to soft gingerbread cookies along with crystalized ginger. They add a nice sweet spot to temper the heat ; )
    Hope you had fun baking! Enjoy!

  3. Oh, I forgot. Congress did leave the ethanol ($6 billion subsidy in the tax bill, re: Krauthammer). But the Omnibus and the amnesty victories are something to toast to.

  4. Thought I’d stop by on my way to finding a cookie recipe that uses the Heath toffee bits I bought on impulse. Delightful roundup, and thanks for the mention. So happy that the Grinches in Congress didn’t get away with leaving coal ethanol in our stockings.

    Mark Steyn is back! Ho, ho, ho!

    Have fun with the visitors!

  5. Thanks for the mention, PJ Mom! You’ve got a great round up here, I’ll be sharing it at that page I run on facebook. 🙂

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