At least the Communist media acknowledges what our “liberal progressives” really are

 Via fellow Potlucker Nice Deb, a clip from Russian TV:

Nice Deb calls it for what it is: an attempt to normalize communism.  But it goes further than that.  When the language of self-avowed “communists” echoes that of our President, I get the willies.

From the clip, the lady communist who says “it’s more positive to say ‘progressive’ or ‘left’,” ends by talking “change” (how odd she didn’t say “hope,” eh?):

[It] is an attempt to make change but maybe right now it’s not in terms of a revolution but a working from within.

The voice-over chick then adds in conclusion:

Which you can call any number of things but probably not unpatriotic.

Note to communist journalist from Russia: It’s not “unpatriotic” in, say, your country.  But it sure as hell is unpatriotic in mine!

What’s fascinating to me is the coverage itself.  During our trip to Eastern Europe last year, I had ample opportunity to watch Russian media.  On the eve of the mid-terms, no less.  And the American political commentators interviewed–I remember one poli-sci prof from Cornell in particular because I wondered if he and Professor Jacobson ever crossed paths–were so far left, even I was awed.  That trashing your country, its people, values and political system on Russian state media wasn’t some form of treason.  Honestly.  But I guess it’s no different than watching MSNBC, right?  Free speech! Free press!

UPDATED: Welcome Pundit & Pundette readers.  Thanks for the link!


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