Helloooooo? CDC? Read your own damn report!

From the CDC – heady reading entitled:

Adverse Childhood Experiences Reported by Adults

It’s filed under “Data & Statistics” – just to give you a heads up on how much fun it is to plow through…

Quick down and dirty – they interviewed some folks in five states and asked if they had experienced any of the following ACE’s whilst they were younger than 18…

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) include verbal, physical, or sexual abuse as well as family dysfunction (an incarcerated, mentally ill, or substance-abusing family member, domestic violence, and absence of a parent due to divorce or separation).

Whoa.  Sadly, the number of folks who reported at least one ACE…was 59%.   This is not good because…

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have been linked to a wide range of health outcomes in adulthood including substance abuse, depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and premature mortality.

Double whoa.

So naturally the CDC suggests that we should step up efforts “at the state and local level” to prevent these experiences.

Guess what the most common ACE is.  Go ahead, guess….

Did you say…..Absence of a parent due to divorce or separation?   Ding! Ding! Ding!

Not too surprising, with the divorce rate hovering at 50% give or take.  I’m not much of a gambling gal myself, but perhaps odds are that in the process of the ugly separation / divorce the next common ACEs listed might be more prone to occurring…

  • Verbal abuse
  • Family member with depression or mental illness
  • Witness of domestic violence
  • So you might expect that, naturally, the CDC would be asking the state and local governments to step up programs that defend the family and marriage – thus to strengthen the foundation of security for the children. (And apparently decrease diabetes and cancer, to boot…)  What with it being the #1 ACE reported and all.  Ummm, not so much.  Instead, they want to expand child abuse prevention programs and provide more trauma focused services after the fact.  Well and good.  And while I’m not by any stretch advocating for state and local legislative intrusion into my marriage (forced counseling, etc), I do find it interesting that as the report compares and contrasts various ACEs along gender and racial lines, they left out “absence of a parent due to divorce and separation” as a talking point.   At all.  

    Leading me to wonder… how did they (if at all) count couples who shack up and break up fairly routinely – or single parents with no second parent around at all?  They don’t fit the bill of separated or divorced – you actually have to be married for that to happen… And why oh why are we bigoted-racist-backwards-religious-freaks when we state quite simply “Marriage = 1 man and 1 woman” and it should be preserved and valued –  when here we have the government’s own CDC acknowledging that the pain of an absence of a parent can have an impact on a child’s life all the way into adulthood?  Didn’t they read their own report?

    UPDATE: a “Recommended Read” by Pundette! Thanks!


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    1. Oh, they did, but to liberals the glaringly obvious can be overlooked with ease if it doesn’t fit into the ideal of expanding-government-at-all-costs. Strong families don’t need government assistance.

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