How to combat that 47% illiteracy rate in Detroit?

Hand out computers, of course!  Computers courtesy the American taxpayer!  Because people who can’t read need to learn to type and surf and … play solitare?  At least the latter doesn’t require reading.

Via Drudge this morning, from the Detroit Free Press:

Detroit Public Schools will spend $49 million in federal money to push technology in the district, including distributing 40,000 new laptop computers to students in grades 6-12 for use in class, as well as more than 5,000 new desktop computers.

God Bless those Democrats.  They must have known that between the nearly 50% illiteracy rate and the 25% high school graduation rate, educators needed a new way to show students how to mark (D) on ballots to continue the never-ending welfare state in inner-city Detroit.  
How long until they all need free wifi at home courtesy the taxpayer, too?
UPDATED: Thanks to Pundette for the “Featured Blog” link!

4 Responses

  1. “How long until they all need free wifi at home courtesy the taxpayer, too?”

    Ummm, I think Ms. Cylburn is already working on that – well, at least for the nappy-headed children, that is…

    • That’s what 10 days of sick kid & no sleep will do to you, forgetting the basic of basics. How could I have forgotten Ms. Clyburn and her “internet is a right” shtick? Ugh. Soon it’s going to be government-subsized hookers in Amsterdam if we don’t watch out. Can’t wait to read the book!

      • Hookers? Human right? Aaaahhhhh! Flabbergasted!!!

      • Well, in truth his case worker argued that sex was a basic human right and the only way for the dude to safely do that was with a hooker.. Not sure which is worse.

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