Build A Baby!

This from an ad in the Express – a publication of the WAPO.   I get yesterday’s copy left on the kitchen counter by my sweet husband who picks it up during his daily commute.  Normally I hit the headlines and Pooch Cafe and that’s about it, but this morning started at 4AM (my baby and I disagree on what constitutes a decent hour to start the day) so I had a longer morning to enjoy be horrified by the paper…

Loving Couple Seeks Egg Donor / Egg Donor Needed $8500 Compensation!

We are two prospective Dads who are very happy in love and life, with supportive families and friends. Our dream is to become parents.  We already have found a surrogate to carry our baby , but we still need an Egg Donor. 

Hmmmmm…. I wonder how much wombs rent out for these days?

 We live overseas, but happily are building our family in the DC area where there are so many talented & dynamic young women. 

Build a family, build a baby ….same-same.  

So let’s see…. to help build the perfect happy two Dad family women are still needed – your eggs and your wombs, at least.  Glad to see that women are valued for something these days….aren’t the feminazi’s proud?

And hey, while we’re building this two Dad family – a shout out to the State Department – right on time with your whole Parent 1, Parent 2 thing.  This baby will obviously need a passport since his baby daddies live overseas – although you’ll need to add Parent 3 and Parent 4 to the application for this child so everyone involved can feel recognized.  “It takes a village to raise a child?” Heh.  It takes a village to make a child, apparently (with the likely death and destruction of his/her siblings in the process).

Our ideal donor is Caucasian, intelligent, vivacious, attractive, fit, tall, excellent personal & family health history, and 21-29. Could this be you?

Oh, so we need ovaries and wombs  but only from those talented and dynamic women  breeding stock with a certain IQ, race, height, genes, (and completely devoid of a shred of moral foundation). 


How timely then is the Pope’s urging  parents not to go with celebrity names and to instead choose traditional Christian names. Monsignor Andrew Faley, the assistant general secretary to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, added:

“Naming children after perfumes, bicycles and countries is putting a limit on their potential. They are not merchandise or commodities.”

Well, at least they’re not intended to be.

Update: Quite Rightly left a comment that brought a chuckle – “Anchor baby for a gay couple”.  Then husband and I started musing…if the womb, egg and sperm weren’t American, would the baby be if he/she was born here?  If I’m pregnant with my American womb, my American egg and my husband’s American sperm, yet I deliver overseas, my baby may or may not have opportunity to claim that foreign land as his/her own – but nonetheless he/she is still an American citizen by parentage.  But what if the womb isn’t American, the sperm isn’t American, but the egg is?  Or some other combo – and the baby is born overseas? An egg donor loses all rights to the egg – but does the egg (or sperm or womb) lose right to citizenship? Right now birthplace and parentage constitute citizenship – but  what about in the build a baby scenario?   Could a couple from another country use a surrogate not only to have their baby but make it an anchor baby for them?  How much of the pieces parts need to be American for it to count?  How many of the Parent 1, Parent 2, Parent 3, Parent 4, and Parent 5 (as in the case of the ad above we say that the Dads fire off blanks and need a donor for that part of the baby, too) need to be American for the baby to get citizen rights?  Thoughts? Input?  



3 Responses

  1. I just read the update. Wonder how long before the State Department reprints the forms to list “parent 3, parent 4,” etc.

    Oh what a crazy web we weave when at first we practice to … conceive by convoluted means!

  2. I’m so glad I saw your response this evening and not in the morning – else there would have surely been coffee spilt on my keyboard. Anchor baby – you’re Quite Right!

  3. An anchor baby for a gay couple.

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