Crawling out from under a wicked bug

Pardon the light posting from my end.  I’m not sick very often. 

Since we’ve done such a grand job of teaching “sharing,” pjToddler passed along the best of the nasty cold she had for nearly two weeks, which has been a doozy.  Add in a trip to that mix (oh, flying with a cold: not for the faint of heart!), a marathon for my husband (who was mercifully spared from said wicked bug), and chasing a small child while forcing myself to stand somewhat upright with a 103 degree fever (did I mention the panic that gripped my heart once I realized I couldn’t speak above a whisper while chasing my child through vast public spaces?).

It’s been a long week.

I was horrified by the news of the Safeway massacre last Saturday and the behavior of the press in the aftermath.  There are lessons to be gleaned, most of which would fly over the heads of those most guilty of jackassery.  I am surprised that Obama chose to rise above the situation last night and position himself as the cool head in the middle.  How long will it last?  Pundette:

Cynics may argue that Obama and advisors correctly gauged the mood of the country and took the high road for political purposes. But since the high road is good in and of itself, ulterior motives aren’t relevant right now. Perhaps in the future he’ll give in to his Alinskian instincts and try to pin the shootings on the Right. But I’m relieved that he didn’t do so last night.

Me, too.  It’s nice to have, you know, a President for a moment, however brief, rather than the community organizer/agitator.


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