Stuck in the snow? Help digging out for spouses of deployed troops

While I was wicked sick, my husband noted that he’s never seen me ill in our decade together.  True. I’m not under the weather often.  But like everything else, it always happens when he’s deployed.  Lights go out and need rewiring (day one of deployment), the dishwasher breaks (day four), the car needs repair work and unscrupulous shops quote you four times higher than necessary (day 15), you get hit from behind by reckless pubescent male snowboarders (4 times), bronchitis (months 4-5).  I started laughing the last deployment and figured that the constant stream of SNAFUs was God’s way of making sure life wasn’t too monotonous.  It certainly wasn’t!

Chris at Wyblog highlighted this awesome program yesterday, SnowCare for Troops, and the website is now bookmarked on my browser.  Why?  Because I can’t imagine digging out by myself with a kid in tow.  Volunteers across the country have offered their plow services to spouses of deployed troops who need assistance with snow removal.  And since Al Gore’s global warming has brough us snow cover in 49 of our glorious states, you might find yourself in need of a hand if you’re not surrounded by awesome neighbors who are always willing to help.


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  1. Another organization that we are involved with can offer help with the other stuff (car batteries, broken appliances) etc. for those military families in need.

    Great to know Americans are here to help these military famlies!

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