Sign of the times

Oh, the stresses of modern life: “Shifting” zodiac signs cause “identity crises” among the hip and with it.  From CNN:

Ackerman, a New Yorker who has offered astrology services for more than two decades, says this is the first time she has seen such a strong reaction among her clients.

“Our identities are precious,” she said. “If someone challenges our belief system, it’s very threatening. You want to hold on to the fact ‘at least I’m a Libra.’

Really?  Catholics receive “challenges” to their faith daily and are told they’re rubes and worse for defending the Church.  Obviously that’s not as important as worrying what your daily horoscope prophesies for the day.  Only if your “belief system” comports to the wonders of modern life is it deemed ok.

Need to laugh at the expense of the hip and with it?

On Twitter, users fretted about what to do with their zodiac-themed tattoos. Even online greeting cards have popped up with the message: I’m sorry your new astrological sign has rendered your tattoo meaningless.


UPDATE: linked as a “Recommended Read” by Pundette.  Thanks!


4 Responses

  1. Ha! Astrology stuff was really hip . . . in 1971.

    • Heh. I was but a dream in my mother’s heart. ; ) Probably a good thing. If anyone really ever asked me, “Hey, what’s your sign?” I think I would have responded poorly. I would’ve fared just fine as a young lady in the 40s or 50s. Even the early 60s. But the 70s? Nope.

  2. Suddenly its a plus that I was born on a cusp – I only lost half my identity…

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