Amusing: GW was more concerned with China’s human rights violations than Obama?

Just sayin’.

From the UK Guardian on the budget-buster of a party a-coming to Washington this week:

The black-tie dinner at the White House on Wednesday night contrasts with George Bush’s workmanlike lunch in 2006. According to Chinese media reports at the time, Hu, who, like other Chinese leaders, places a lot of importance on protocol, saw Bush’s arrangements as insulting. Bush was unwilling to host a state dinner in part because he was conscious of US public concern over China’s human rights record.

How many times will wagyu appear on le menu?  Enter your votes in the comments.  Two, at a minimum. 

(Or will they have to rename wagyu to avoid offending the Chicoms?  The Obami, after all, are expert rebranders.)

(And is this bothersome to anyone else? Creepy!)

US and Chinese flags in front of the White House


3 Responses

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  2. We saw them putting those flags up on Sunday as we drove home from Mass. All along Pennsylvania Ave. Yeah, it did bother us a little.

    • The idea of it grates. But if the Obama WH is pimping our country for money, wholly appropriate.
      I wondered if you had seen it… I’m glad in a way I’m not there to see it. I might get arrested for protesting with the Uighurs.

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