“It is a place of groupthink and almost terminal political correctness.” And Ricky Gervais crashed the party.

Can’t help myself tonight.  Am laughingly endlessly at clips of last night’s Golden Globes.  Apparently, I’m not the only conservative delighting in the skewering the lefties got last night.


The Other McCain appreciated the cracks at Charlie Sheen and Robert Downy, Jr.  John Nolte at Big Hollywood says Gervais spoke “truth to the wrong power.” He also relates why folks like me found the performance so refreshing:

How many times have those of us in Middle America gotten all settled in for an expected evening of relaxing entertainment, be it at the movies, in front of the television, or in bed with a good book, only to get sucker punched by some cheap, out-of-nowhere sucker punch aimed at our identity, faith or country? You former “Law and Order” fans know especially of what I speak. And so last night Gervais gave the entertainment industry a little taste of what that sucker punch feels like. First, there’s the surprise; then there’s the disappointment and anger; finally, there comes the worst part: the waiting on edge for it to happen again.


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