Are liberal defenders of abortion really this obtuse? UPDATED.

In a word: yes.

Brilliant header up at HuffPo

 Violence?  Against whom?

Remember: they’re still out there defending abortion on demand sans restrictions.  Or better yet, blaming conservatives for Gosnell’s butchery.  Seriously?

H/t Jill Stanek for the bit of HuffPo irony.

Today’s must read: The brief, painful lives of Baby Boy A, Baby C, and Baby X at Pundit & Pundette who also reminds us that today is a day of prayer and penance.  How unbelievably necessary.

UPDATE: linked as a featured blog at P&P and by Chris from Wyblog.  Thanks!

UPDATE 2: Apparently the folks in Pennsylvania in charge of regulating nail salons abortion clinics are just as obtuse.  Ed Morrissey:

Hundreds or thousands of live, viable babies have been slaughtered over three decades in a Pennsylvania clinic, and now the two agencies that supposedly regulate medical facilities claim they didn’t know that their jurisdictions covered abortion clinics.  Governor Tom Corbett has demanded answers within a week as to how Pennsylvania’s Departments of Health and State could have allowed Kermit Gosnell’s charnel house to continue its operations.  His predecessor, Ed Rendell, declared himself “flabbergasted” to hear the excuses from the two bureaucracies

 Read the rest.  The CYA begins.

UPDATE 3: The Anchoress on those obtuse liberal defenders:

To approach such people with a Bible and the idea that there was a real child, begotten of God, torn to shreds within the living tissue of its mother, whose soul (her life-force) might then be in peril due to that act, is so profoundly rude and full of “magical thinking” as to inspire mockery and jeering disdain.

To approach them with The Tao and the idea that there was a real being, energetically positive, violently destroyed in a burst of extreme, negative energy — energy that remains within the woman and will affect her chi, her lifeforce, is also rude. But it also scares them to fury.

A little more, in answer to those who claim the story isn’t about abortion:

Well, the story of Kermit Gosnell is about abortion; it’s about abortion in America. And abortion in America is about a mindset, — even (or especially) among regulation-happy folk who will make a big noise about public safety on issues large and small — a mindset that will protect a Gosnell, and purposely turn a blind eye to abortion centers and practitioners and all of their lapses and illegalities, as long as the abortions keep on coming.

If that were not true, if the blind eye were not being turned, don’t you think someone — before now — would have seen and been disgusted by Kermit Gosnell’s collection of severed baby feet?

I remarked yesterday at Potluck that I couldn’t bear to read the entire Grand Jury report because the photos I had seen the night before at Stanek’s site kept me up all night.   Jill pushed the right buttons.  I will read it.  But I have to wait until bedtime so a toddler doesn’t see things on a screen by chance that might scare her.  Read the entire thread.

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  2. […] Are liberal defenders of abortion really this obtuse? UPDATED. […]

  3. I read the 18 page overview to the Grand Jury report. It’s absolutely repulsive. May that pig get the death penalty if they have in Pennsy. May he rot in hell.

    And there is fundementally no difference from what that pig did and all abortions. The rooms may be a little nicer, they may follow more standard procedures, it may be a bit more sanitary, but the death and mutilation of the unborn is the goal.

    • I hope he doesn’t get death.

      I’d rather see him rot for-ev-er in prison.

      I agree re what he’s done vice all abortions. There is no difference. And to him it was just a big, fat payday.

  4. Gosnell knew that he was performing coerced or forced abortions, he even charged extra to more heavily sedate those who were there not by their own choice. Most abortions are coerced. I wrote about it over at my place and the devestating effects that women and girls must deal with in abortion’s aftermath over at my blog. It’s something I rarely hear anyone talking about, and certainly not something the so called ‘choice’ people want anyone to know about.
    Girls who are not old enough to get drivers’ licenses are somehow thought by the ‘choice’ folks to be able to make the ‘choice’ to abort even though they are denied the full information about how it will hurt them forever afterward. An uninformed choice isn’t a ‘choice’ at all. There’s no such thing as full disclosure at these places, if there were, they’d lose a lot of their business.

  5. I read it today – took up most of the day because I had to walk away many times.

    Besides the obvious horror of the clinic and the utter failure of oversight, I was struck by one incident where a patient changed her mind – because she didn’t like how the babies were disposed of (Gosnell told her they were burned). Gosnell refused to stop the procedure (she wasn’t in labor yet but was starting to dilate) – luckily she made it to a hospital and she’s now a mother to a healthy little girl in kindergarten.

    It struck me that these mothers were often so far along in pregnancy – they could have carried to term in a few short weeks, gone to a hospital for a safe delivery (with the dignity of a gown even), and then used the Safe Haven Law to leave the baby – no strings attached. What has happened to our culture that they would find it preferable to endure that hell instead?

    • I dunno. It’s easier in some convoluted way? No strings attached?
      Impressed she was able to get away from Gosnell. All she represented was money to him… and he doesn’t strike me as the type to let it slip through his fingers.

  6. Yes, yes they are. This will only solidify their resolve. The mantra will be it needs to be legal so it is safe and this is just some lone crazie.

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