“Is 13 Too Young for Birth Control?”

Subtitle 1: questions you’d never want your own pediatrician to ponder.


One teen girl recently confided in me that she had her first sexual experience in the dressing room at Macy’s. I asked her what made her decide to lose her virginity in a dressing room and she responded, “No reason, it just happened.” She is 13, and so is her boyfriend. I inquired if they used birth control or considered the possibility of her becoming pregnant, and she said no to both questions. She didn’t seem to be bothered at all by the fact that they’d had unprotected sex.

Teens don’t seem to think it will happen to them the first time. With their limited knowledge, they don’t even know that penetration isn’t even necessary for pregnancy to occur. And once a teen experiences sex, they don’t seem to have any hesitation about doing so again and again. Very few realize they made a mistake and vow not to repeat it.

Luckily, this girl and her mom immediately sought out birth control for her.

Emphasis mine.  Luckily, huh?  Luckily she’s only 13 and will have artificial hormones pumped through her system, and if she’s reliable enough to remember to take them at the same time daily, she won’t get pregnant.

Oddly enough, if I knew my 13-year-old daughter had sex in a Macy’s dressing room, the last thing I’d do is put her on the Pill.  Go forth, young daughter, you’re acting stupid, but since I have no way of stopping you, let’s just go ahead and put you on artifical hormones to band-aid the situation even though you’re not likely to take them the right way.  And here’s a 6-pack of Trojans so you don’t catch a nasty disease!

More from brilliant pediatrician, who claims to know how horrendous teen moms are because his own mother was (um, dude, you’re a doctor):

Is it medically safe for a 12- or 13-year-old to be on birth control? Birth control for teens is a better choice than an unwanted pregnancy anytime. Teens don’t always think ahead, and they may not remember to take a pill every day either (but low-dose pills are best), so the patch may be the best way to go.

Even though birth-control pills carry risks, the risks of becoming pregnant and carrying a baby, and the risks to infants of very young girls, are much higher (not to mention the social implications of teen pregnancy).

Finally..parents, if you are concerned about the decisions your teen may be making regarding sexual activity, don’t be judgmental. Remember, you were a teen once, too, and what was it you wanted?

Someone to talk to.

So the pill is risky, but pregnancy is riskier!  Teen moms are bad!

This might come as a shock to some, but a parent’s role is to parent, not draw BFF hearts with your kid. Don’t be judgemental?  Ok, but remember: it’s not judgemental to tell her that sex in a dressing room isn’t behavior we condone as parents. 

Can we venture a guess that the esteemed doctor’s next column will be titled, “Is 13 too young for an abortion?”

Related: Pundette highlighted a mom who whined to the WaPo when her kid got kicked out of preschool because her toddler had too many “accidents.”  The woman farmed her daughter out for potty training (it’s in the full WaPo article) ostensibly because she is too busy herself for the lesser parenting chores like potty training.  Let’s venture another guess that the 3-year-old whose mama can’t teach her to potty will be one of those who end up on the Pill at 13 because it’s just easier that way.


6 Responses

  1. My jaw dropped reading that! “Don’t be judgemental”? Good Lord. There is some serious need to be judgemental. I’m in agrement. Where has this culture gone? Her parents should be arrested for child abuse.

  2. Oh – I see you linked me in your sidebar. Thanks very much.

    I’m feeling very down about the state of the family.

    • Right there with you. Ready for Swiss Family Maine? I am. For the mountain version anyway.

      As for our culture at large–“nobody gets married any more”–I don’t know where to begin. Truly at a loss. Too many kids having babies. Abortion is the greater evil. Adoption doesn’t happen. No one teaches “personal moral accountability” anymore. And if these kids don’t find it at school in the form of abstinance ed, they’re sure as hell not going to get it at home.

      I should have added that I knew a girl in 7th grade whose aunt had procured the Pill for her–against her parents’ wishes, of course. She showed it off at school. It came as no surprise to hear she was pregnant before graduation.

  3. Very, very depressing. I don’t even know where to begin with that.

    BTW, did you see this?

  4. “Remember, you were a teen once, too, and what was it you wanted?
    Someone to talk to.”
    It’s not that I wanted someone to talk to… I wanted to be put in my place.

  5. Good Lord, what the heck is wrong with people? That kid doesn’t need birth control, she needs counseling and parents to teach her to value herself! That pediatricians seems dangerous to me.

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