Eat Mor Chickin

In a hurry this morning due to cabin-fever playdates, but here’s a good read until naptime.  Quinn Hillyer via Pundette‘s Recommended Reads regarding the faux brouhaha gay rights activists have cooked up against Chick-Fil-A.  He writes:

Michelle Malkin has the story. Homosexual activists have ginned up a fake controversy targeting Chick-Fil-A just because one of the chicken outlets was kind enough to donate sandwiches and brownies to a “marriage seminar” run by a group that happens to oppose same-sex marriage. How utterly pathetic of the activists. How utterly pointless. How utterly unhinged. The homosexual groups’ tactics are Leninist. Dangerous too. Or, at least would be if they weren’t so pathetic. One could almost remark that if they really are so offended by the donation of brownies, their own showy hypersensitivity plays right into the stereotypes they condemn as being unfair. Well, if they don’t want the stereotypes, don’t take actions that fit the stereotypes. They come off as whiny babies.

As far as I’m concerned, a private life is a private life as long as it doesn’t harmfully coerce somebody else. A friend who “comes out” is still a friend. The friend will answer to his own conscience and to God. So too will a problem drinker. So too will a serial liar. So too will a saint. So too will all of us, for whatever choices, good or bad, we make in life. Our call as friends is to continue offering friendship and support. Our sexuality does not define everything we are. Our fraternal friendship — our agape “love for fellow man” — remains a calling from the Almighty and a human imperative as well.

But if donating brownies to a group promoting faithfulness within traditional marriage is somehow anti-gay bigotry, then the word “bigotry” has lost all meaning — and please let me find the time to bake some more brownies to help with the donations.  The protesters can run home to their mommies — as should all protesters, of whatever ilk, who have nothing real to protest against, but who merely give histrionic expression to their own illogically hurt feelings.

Emphasis mine.  I introduced pjT to the wonders of her mama’s Georgia heritage with Chick-Fil-A tenders and waffle fries when the story broke last week.

I think we’ll be back soon.  I hate thugs.  And will support a business as much as I can against such tactics.


2 Responses

  1. Guilt free Chick-Fil-A? Oh yay! Now if only they will protest Five Guys…..

    • Heh. Or if only In-N-Out Burger were in all 50. It’s still family-owned. If you look closely, they print a Bible verse on all paper products. The burger wrapper, fry cup, drink cup, etc. Impressive. pjHusband had never noticed. I’m surprised an atheist hasn’t yet sued, citing indigestion, angst and moral anguish at receiving a silent sermon with a side of fries!

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