The bundler doesn’t fall too far from the bundle

Too rich to pass up.

Via Politico:

An Obama bundler picked for a choice ambassadorship brought the U.S. embassy she led to “a state of dysfunction” in a year on the job, a State Department probe has found.

Cynthia Stroum, who last month left her post as U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg, was “aggressive, bullying, hostile and intimidating,” the department’s inspector general said in a report released Thursday. The embassy and its staff face myriad problems, including “the absence of a sense of direction,” which has “brought major elements of Embassy Luxembourg to a state of dysfunction.”

Stroum’s year in Luxembourg was marred by personality struggles, management problems and improper spending, including $3,400 the embassy rushed to spend on wine and liquor at the end of the 2010 budget year.

Emphasis mine.  Is she from Chicago, too?  Just asking.  Sounds like she’s Chicago School, too, huh?
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H/t: Hot Air headlines.

2 Responses

  1. Seattle.

    I found this at the Seattle Times:

    The situation was so bad that the inspector general recommended that the State Department dispatch medical personnel to Luxembourg to test the stress levels of embassy employees. It said at least four staffers quit or sought transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan during her tenure, unusual steps for diplomats assigned to a modern, Western European capital.

    She fit right in with the Obamatons, apparently.


    • Oh my. Sought transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan? LOL.

      But hey–she brought in the big bucks. Maybe they’ll make her a press secretary after the new one leaves. ; )

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