“Every time I think Obama can’t shock me anymore, BAM!”

You and me both, Pat.

What’s the cause of the latest shock-and-awe from the Obami? What could possibly be that bad?  Jim Hoft writes:

We knew Barack Obama was inexperienced. We knew he was weaned on Marxism. We knew he believed in redistribution of wealth…
But, we had no idea he was this dangerous.

How about selling out your allies?  To the Russians.

The START Treaty was already a bad deal. We are now bound to reduce the size of our nuclear arsenal. The Russians would be bound to do the same, but they don’t have the same volume of weapons. So they reduce nothing. What a gig, right? We show you how many weapons we destroy and you continue to laugh at us openly. It’s called Diplomacy in the Era of Hope and Change.

J.E. Dyer, a retired Navy intel Officer writes over in the Green Room:

This seems to have been done in a particularly shabby manner. Obama began pressuring the British government in 2009 to authorize release of this information itself. Encountering resistance, Team Obama went ahead and agreed to give Moscow the information without permission from London.

It’s not that US administrations haven’t unilaterally undercut the nuclear deterrence posture of our European allies before.  John F. Kennedy did it as a way of resolving the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

But if the Telegraph’s is an accurate depiction (which is probable; the communications in question reportedly involved giving the Russians Trident missile serial numbers), it’s still a rotten, low-down thing to do.

Rotten and low-down accurately describe most of the administration’s actions thus far.  At least we know what to expect for the next two years.  Our allies know, too.

Or as Ann Althouse put it,

Obama proved his mettle! What’s more important? Our relationship with the UK or proof of Obama’s mettle after the crushing 2010 elections?

We’re going to need more than a “RESET” button with our allies to repair the damage done by this administration.


3 Responses

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  2. Is this impeachable? I am absolutely stunned over this. This is about as disgraceful a thing that any president has ever done.

  3. More dreams of Barry’s anti-colonialist father. Just one more proof of the Founder’s demands that the POTUS be born of parents holding allegiance to the USA and not some foreign state.

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