A government program that actually gave greater opportunity (No wonder the Democrats killed it, no?)

From the WaPo this morning, a letter from a mother whose daughter received a school voucher and chose a Catholic education:

I’m so glad I didn’t give up, because slowly but surely Jerlisa’s grades and education advanced. That made everything worthwhile. As ninth grade ended, I just couldn’t believe how much she had learned and grown. I said to myself: “By George, I think she’s got it now!”

Jerlisa isn’t the only one who has benefited from this experience. I, too, started to feel more confident. Now I ask about resources and fill out scholarship applications with ease. I found a way to buy new uniforms for my daughter. Instead of washing uniforms every afternoon, I use the time to help my daughter with her homework.

And seeing Jerlisa’s growth over the past six years has inspired me to take some hard steps in my own life. I’m now applying to programs to become a home health-care nurse. Meanwhile, Jerlisa is deciding where to apply for college.

These are things we never dreamed were possible before. I am extremely proud of my daughter, and she is proud of me. Jerlisa’s scholarship has been worth so much more than $7,500.

Go read the rest and realize why liberals can’t stand the idea of school vouchers.  Then try not to mutter “Bastards!” under your breath.

Related: Pundette’s morning post, Columnist not in the mood to celebrate Black History month.  It’s much easier to hand out free groceries, free health care, and free apartments to voters who will never swat the hand that feeds them.  Much more dangerous to actually educate someone who might leave the plantation, no?


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  1. Oh, also a report was done after this program ended and the improvement made in the public schools in DC was quite remarkable as well. Hmm, could it be once they had to compete for the kids things improved?

    I did a post on this a while back let me know if you want to read it.

  2. This is one thing that I will give Obama a modicum of credit for. Had it not been for him, she wouldn’t have been able to finish school. Pelosi & co. wanted the cut the program immediately. Obama forced them to allow the children already in the program to finish school.

    But, yes this program was wildly sucessful. I live just outside of DC and this program is something that I am very passionate about, and I do volunteer work for the non profit that helped parents fill out the paperwork properly and gives additional vouchers and fills in the gaps for the schools that are more expensive then the voucher.

    This family has been changed forever and it only cost $7500/year to do it. The cost for the horrid public education in DC is almost four times that and she wouldn’t be flourishing. I don’t know what more it will take for people to see that vouchers work in urban settings.

    • We hadn’t moved from VA yet (just down the road from you) when this happened. I used to hear horror stories from GMU classmates who worked as subs in the DC system, i.e. teachers have a 20% absentee rate. Where on else would your job be protected if you didn’t show up for work one day out of every five?! Ah, unions. And how can you effectively teach if the TEACHER isn’t even THERE?! Oh, I get riled up easily by substandard performance of teachers in our schools. No wonder the kids aren’t learning.

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