In the wake of Kermit Gosnell, we get this from CPAC: “Liberal in bed, Conservative in the head.”

Why discuss these “vaguely discordant and anachronistic” severed fetal feet

When  you can party like rock stars and make gay rights the meme-of-the-day at CPAC?


It’s one thing for the pro-infanticide President to ignore Gosnell.  But conservatives?  

Turns out I’m not the only one peeved

A word to the wise who think we can nominate someone who’d like to put the reality of abortion on the backburner because it’s just not as important at this juncture: Gosnell escaped and evaded criticism because a pro-choice Republican governor loosened the state’s responsibilities in regulating clinics.  We don’t want to have anyone say a woman’s access to abortion is limited here, no way no how. Infants were butchered and women were maimed as a result.  How many more millions will die as a result of the GOP pretending not to see the elephant in the room? No worries, at least they’ll be cool.

5 Responses

  1. I was worried about CPAC due to the islamic supremacists present along with their dhimmi enablers, then we find out that GOProud is using Alinsky tactics to push an agenda (they aren’t simply conservatives who happen to be gay but rather they are leftists who happen to be infiltrating the right) and now they want to turn a blind eye to Gosnell and the other butchers of women and children to be “cool”? Nits to that, I’d rather be morally correct than cool any day.

  2. I agree with you PJ. I’m not a single voter issue person either. I supported Guiliani, who wasn’t pro-life, in the last primary. I am not going to consider anyone that is not pro-life this time around.

  3. See-no-evil always works out so well, no? That’s what liberals do. I can’t bear this. I’ve never considered myself a single-issue-voter and it pains me greatly to say this, but I will not vote for a President who doesn’t feel it’s necessary or prudent to support life. All the time. And the GOP better wake up in a hurry.

  4. Very disturbing. I hope Simon’s take is wrong and the folks at CPAC aren’t really following the liberal media’s see-no-evil lead on PP and Gosnell.

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