“So, if we care about our children, the United States has to shore up the economic and cultural foundations of marriage”

So argues W. Bradford Wilcox in another great interview with K-Lo. 

As the economy squeezes most, Wilcox notes a few silver linings:

Kathryn Jean Lopez: Is it really wedded bliss for some Americans today because of our economic woes?

W. Bradford Wilcox: No, I wouldn’t say that. In fact, more than a quarter of married Americans have experienced two or more major economic stressors, such as a job loss or a foreclosure, because of the Great Recession. These Americans are hurting, and many of them have seen their marital quality spiral downwards because of money woes.

But the new National Marriage Project study also indicates that 29 percent of married Americans have found their commitment to marriage deepen in the wake of the Great Recession. For these couples, these tough times appear to have made them stronger as a couple. We also find, among those couples who had been considering divorce prior to the recession, that 38 percent of them report that they have put aside divorce plans because of the recession.

Lopez: Are you sure they don’t stick together because it’s more expensive to get divorced?

Wilcox: I think that some couples have postponed divorce because they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars right now on a divorce or because their primary asset — their house — isn’t worth what they think it might be in a year or two. But our study also suggests a large minority of couples have actually turned over a new leaf in their relationship and will not divorce once the economic recovery fully kicks in.

Lopez: What’s the tried-and-true advice to couples who are struggling?

Wilcox: Generally, we find that individuals or couples who are stressed do better when they reach out to friends and family, rather than trying to handle their financial difficulties on their own. For instance, this study indicates that couples who attend church together are more likely to handle the contemporary financial challenges in a constructive fashion.

What a shocker at the last (emphasis my own).  Read the rest.

Speaking of churches and marriage, here’s one that, um, aims to help spice up married sex. (Um, what?!) H/t: Hot Air headlines.

Also: I’ve discussed Wilcox in the past.


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