Show me the money!

The taxpayer’s money, that is. A snippet from a pre-HuffPo-takeover of AOL News editorial on Obama’s budget:

But the next time you hear howls of anguish over deep, tough, painful cuts in the federal budget, you might want to ask yourself how you’d feel if you had 7 percent more to spend next year than you did last year.

AOL reprints some handy charts, too.  My favorite:

Budget Graphic


A better visual via Doug Ross who marked the Obama proposed “cuts” in yellow.  You ready?

Obama has engaged in a game of political chicken with Republicans in Congress,and this will get ugly in a hurry, folks.  And don’t you love how the budget “cuts” are coupled with massive tax hikesHow massive?

Add it all together, and this budget is a ten-year, $1.5 trillion tax hike over present law. 
How does the GOP best fight this? I’m with Stanley Kurtz: expose Obama’s end goals for what they truly are.  And pray the American people wise up in a hurry.

It will not do to chastise Obama’s budget proposal as a simple “refusal to lead,” a “punt,” or a “cynical political maneuver.” Obama isn’t failing to lead. He is very cleverly leading us toward an irreversible expansion of the welfare state. If Obama is reelected and in control when the entitlement crisis finally does hit, he will manage the country toward Euro-style taxes and Euro-style socialism. After all, in the midst of its current fiscal crisis, Obama is pushing Europe to expand spending, not contract it.

The GOP shouldn’t fight behind closed doors to make some Faustian bargain with the One. And why rule out a shutdown? We no longer have the luxury of thinking it’s 1995.


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