Antonyms: “leader” and “Wisconsin Senator”

The Democrats at least.

From Chris Christie’s boffo speech in DC yesterday, this:

. . .you just have to have the spine to say I’m gonna take the risk. But I think that’s what we elect leaders for. Hence the name. Right? Like if you’re waiting midway back in the pack and call yourself a leader it seems to me that that isn’t consistent. So you wanna be a leader, lead. I’m not saying it doesn’t involve some measure of risk. Everything does that’s worth something.

I guess the Democrats in Wisconsin didn’t get that memo about leaders and elections.

Flee?  Seriously? Ed Morrissey says they must come home eventually. Maybe voters can begin recall efforts immediately? For, you know, not doing the job they were elected to do. MadisonConservative calls a spade a spade. I guess the Democrats didn’t see this: U.S. Senate Democrats told to embrace spending cuts or risk voter rebuff.

What’s sad? The Republican governor, Scott Walker, wants to save the teacher’s jobs. But they’d have to pay toward their own health insurance and retirement plans in addition to losing their collective bargaining power. If they don’t agree, 6,000*** will lose jobs. I guess everyone has a case of “it couldn’t be me.”

Ed Morrissey asks if the teacher unions nuked the fridge. I’d say so. And proven once and for all that it’s not “about the children.” A caller on Rush this morning expressed extreme anger that she and her husband couldn’t contribute to their own 401(k) plans this year because their income has fallen substantially. Yet she and her husband get to fund the retirement plans of these union goons who refuse to chip in for their own. Ditto for her family’s catastrophic-only health coverage.

I have a feeling this lady isn’t alone in her sentiments.

More: Union madness in Wisconsin 

Of course, because he doesn’t understand the concept of “out of taxpayer money” and just prints more: Dear Leader calls this an “assault” on people who “contribute” to communities. Hey, Bub, states can’t print.

Althouse has much more.

UPDATE: Is this a preview of things to come? It’s budget showtime.

***UPDATE: From Walker’s press conference chastizing the kindergarteners who hid on the playground:

“Certainly, the thousands of people here and outside the capitol have every right to be heard,” said Walker. But I want to make sure that not for one moment are their voices drowning out the voices of millions of taxpayers all across the state of Wisconsin.”

But he defended requiring government employees to contribute nearly 6 percent to their pension funds and nearly 13 percent to their health-care plans, saying that the pension contribution was equal to the national average, while the health-care contribution would be only half of the national average.

Walker said the only alternative would be layoffs of 10,000 to 12,000 state and local employees.

He also said he would not back down on the legislation banning most collective bargaining rights, stressing the importance of allowing state and local leaders to have flexibility in negotiation with government workers.


2 Responses

  1. Go Scott Walker, go!

  2. It is truly mind blowing. They say this is about collective bargaining. I heard them refer to this as a human right. Since when is collective bargaining a human right?

    I have no patience for these people at all any more. Public sector unions have to be broken and broken now.

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