At least she wasn’t stoned afterward

And is “in good spiritsall things considered. Pray for Lara Logan and her family.

Incidentally, pjHusband met her in Iraq eons ago.

Echoing my sentiments, edge of the sandbox writes:

A few weeks ago I noted the virtual absence of women in the revolution in Egypt.  Now I think I know why.  What I find particularly alarming is that the jubilant crowds didn’t care about the bad PR.

Jubilant crowds on the Arab street have a way of not caring about bad PR when they think the object of their attack is a Jew. And the “street” will go wild when they hear Israel will be “rebuked” by bestie Obama and the UN crowd. Way to fan the flames, eh?


3 Responses

  1. I like this Ace quote about it:

    “[Bleep] if I am not weary of a barbaric desert nomad culture of rape and outrage while carrying around a ton of chip-on-the-shoulder arrogance-hiding-profound-insecurity about it all.

    Oh right, a thousand years ago they invented algebra. So, like, they should keep doing victory laps over that.”

  2. Thanks for the linkie, pjMom! Following this administration’s foreign “policy” is like watching a slow motion train wrack. Will something horrible and irreversible happen before 2012 or not?

    • I have a bad feeling about Israel. And since we’ve proven ourselves to no longer be a “friend” to Israel (or England), then I do worry who will stand up for what’s right. Sure as hell won’t be our POTUS.

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