How do you explain to a college senior that others aren’t responsible for her bills?

Via The Corner this morning, 20,000 college students in Michigan exploit a state-run food stamp card. The state calculates savings of $4 million annually from cutting this off. The problem: changing attitudes of young folks. Case in point:

In Ingham County, home to Michigan State University, about 4,000 students currently possess Bridge Cards. Senior Amy Sullivan, who received hers in the spring of 2010, said that while other students may be abusing the Bridge Card, she has been glad to have assistance paying the bills.

“I pay my tuition, rent, utilities, and car insurance, and the Bridge Card helps eliminate food expenses,” she said. “I know a handful of people whose parents pay for everything and they still have one, but I don’t even receive an allowance from my mom.”

I don’t even receive an allowance from my mom, so you should be on the hook to pay my bills!

The young lady pays the majority of her own way. But her attitude kills me: well, someone must help me rather than me cutting my budget if I can’t make ends meet. It’s called cutting back. Everyone’s gotta do it. Those who don’t think someone else should foot the bill for their organic salmon at Whole Foods rather than eating ramen, the latter of which liberals apparently think is a fate worse than death.

Related: It takes young folks 6 years longer to reach adulthood than it did a generation ago. Wonder why. H/t: Hot Air headlines


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  1. yeah, wow. breathtaking attitude on display there. and frightening.

    how is it, that when I was a “starving” college student, it never occurred to me to get on the dole? and yet these students do without blinking? what did their parents do that mine didn’t, or vice versa.

    my folks didn’t discuss welfare and personal responsibility. They really didn’t discuss politics at all. But honestly, if I had run out of money, then I wouldve just delayed school a semester or two while I worked and saved.

    How are we losing that mindset?

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