And they killed it…

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards condemns House passage on February 18 of an amendment that would defund PP in a video appeal.

“It’s funding that saves lives, and they killed it”…ripping it limb from limb, sucking it out and throwing it in the garb….oh wait, that’s what we do, scratch that…let’s just go with “they killed it” and really show some angst with “and they killed it.”

Needless to say, I am not crying into my Raymond Noodles over this….

H/T  Jill Stanek, Quote of the Day


4 Responses

  1. Exactly.

    Let the President veto and then have to defend Planned Parenthood. I think we win that particular argument.

  2. Notice how she never says they took away funding for abortions. Good for the House. I don’t know about the Senate. I hope it passes. Let the most pro-abortion president in the history of the US veto it. We have to mobilize and counter these people. Between the House and States like Wisconsin, we have to be energized now, not a year from now.

    And did you hear that congresswoman’s (Jackie Speier of California) mis representation of her “abortion procedure”? It was not an abortion. The baby had miscarried and it was a removal to remove it. The media is picking up on it like it was an abortion. Baloney. Liars all of them.

    • Sorry, Manny, I didn’t realize this was kicked into spam. Akismet has been a little screwy lately.

      I posted about Spier a few days ago. We figured from her wacky original statement that it was a miscarriage. Either that or she failed anatomy. ; )

  3. Looks like Richards could use some Raymond noodles.

    Just sayin’. But then that’s not a body built for babies, it’s built to ensure thousands of women across America can slaughter their babies.

    Praying the Senate has the cojones to “kill it real good” as well. Let the POTUS veto it.

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