FLOTUS forces school kids to go hungry. Bonus recipe!

Because they’d rather starve than eat steamed-till-it’s-mush-broccoli without the benefit of even a faint sprinkling of salt. Better beware, since we’ve heard for years that hunger has a negative impact on test scores,  hence the “It’s for the children” chorus demanding more money for lunches.  Via the Chicago Tribune:

“They want us to eat healthy food, but the food has no flavor,” sophomore Jacob Hernandez said as he picked at unsalted rice and beans at North-Grand High School. “Last year, they had a yellow Puerto Rican rice. But this year it’s all dry, and you can tell they put a lot of stuff in there, but what’s the point if there is no flavor?”

Someone, please tell young Jacob that the nanny state dried out his rice.

Louise Esaian, who oversees CPS’ food service program, said introducing new concepts is always challenging, but officials want to help students start to realize they can make healthier choices at mealtimes.

And the healthier choice for all the fatties across the land is abstaining from food according to Michelle, who likes her own short ribs spicy.


If only they got to live large like the Obamas and scarf down cheeseburgers whenever they want. Or if it’s not cheeseburgers, it’s pizza, wings and ice cream. But hey, all those yummy foods are for the elitists. You kids just better shut up and eat your taste-free whole-grain goodies

The sale of school lunches had dipped so dramatically that the cafeteria managers brought back their best seller:

Yet last month, in response to sagging lunch sales, the district brought back a processed spicy chicken patty sandwich as a daily offering in all district high schools. The sandwich contains dozens of ingredients, the first three being chicken, water and “vegetable protein product.”

The Tribune watched recently as about 90 percent of the students in the lunch line at North-Grand chose the spicy chicken patty for their meal “because everything else tastes nasty,” said junior Mariah Crespo.

Many students said the sandwich is the only entree they eat, most often with thick layers of ketchup or barbecue sauce and pickled jalapeno pepper rings.

If eaten with 0.5 ounces of jalapenos, a tablespoon of ketchup and a whole-wheat bun, the chicken sandwich contains more than 1,100 mg of sodium. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says most Americans should eat no more than 1,500 mg a day.

Shhh! Don’t tell Michelle, especially since her Vail short ribs have 301% of the daily value of saturated fat! 

In all truth, the problem with institutionalizing healthy food is, well, the institutionalizing of it. If you’re not permitted to use any salt on vegetables to enhance the taste, what kid is going to eat it? Heck, I wouldn’t. I salt and pepper my Brussel sprouts before I roast ’em in the oven. But no salt on veggies in cafeterias! It’s bad! Yet the salt in processed food stays. So of course the kid will pick the processed food. It tastes better. We eat pretty healthy here at Chez PJ–because we make it all from scratch. We like food. But we know how to cook. And the lunch ladies across America… well… don’t. 

Speaking of Brussel sprouts, it’s been a while since we’ve had a recipe! So here goes:

Preheat oven to 400 F

Have toddler wash and dry 1 lb of sprouts. Admire the inherent cuteness of both veg and toddler.

Cut sprouts in half. You with the knife, not toddler. If the sprouts are huge, quarter ’em.

Have toddler stir sprouts in large bowl with wooden spoon while you pop more in. Just stirring. It’s fun. Toddlers like to cook.

Drizzle in olive oil** (2 TBSP). If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance to Wegmans, make it Wegmans Basting Oil. Oh, how I miss you.

Have toddler stir to coat.

Pour onto a sheet pan. Foiled if you must, but the sprouts brown better on the bottom sans foil.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Garlic if the mood strikes. Or even a drizzle of Balsamic.

Roast at 400 F 20-30 minutes until fork tender. It took me 20 at sea level. Takes 30 at altitude.

Admire your handiness when your toddler asks for more and begs for Brussel sprouts on a weekly basis.

**Even tastier with Bacon fat. Don’t send the food police. Best: bacon fat, finely diced onions, and bacon cut into lardons. Swoon.

***If you only know Brussel sprouts as stinky little slime balls, try roasting. They do get stinky if you add liquid: it’s called sulfur dioxide. No liquid, no sulfur dioxide!

UPDATE: linked as a Recommended Read by Pundette. Thanks!


10 Responses

  1. […] FLOTUS forces school kids to go hungry. Bonus recipe! […]

  2. Great post!
    I’m surprised to see that they insist on serving unsalted food. There is no proof that salty foods cause hypertension, only that about 1/3 of people with hypertension will benefit from limiting their salt intake. When I was pregnant last time Kaiser no longer recommended cutting salt out of my diet. I thought this administration was all about science… oh wait.

  3. just subscribed.

  4. I prep brussel sprouts with the same condiments but a different way –will remember to admire toddler cuteness. But I braise them in basalmic vinegar after tossing as if for a salad in the salted peppered olive oil. Deliciousness.

  5. Thanks for the bonus recipe! A few years ago I found that I really like brussel sprouts, but I always just steam em. Needless to say, the boys have turned their noses up after trying them.

    Definitely going to roast next time, and see how they like it.

    Great post. You’d think the First Lady would seek to avoid these obvious examples of hypocrisy, at least while in the White House and actively trying to change this nation’s diet.

    Her arrogance must have few boundaries.

  6. Okay, I’ll try that recipe. No toddler to wash the sprouts, though. I’ll have to wing it. 😉

    I’ll bet these sprouts go well with short ribs!

  7. Great toddler recipe! You are so right about them loving to cook. Mine loooves broccoli. U bet he’ll like this!

    PS. Kids could always take their lunch to school. Sheesh. I agree with the salt thing but do we always have to be victims? Take charge of your life kids and pack a lunch. I did.

    • Broccoli works well roasted. So do green beans. We do a lot of veggies this way. Beets, too, though I wrap those in foil. I’m very lucky with pjT–she’s a fearless veggie eater and always seems a bit perplexed when her friends over for lunch/dinner whine and moan about eating.

      Re packing a lunch: I know, I did the same. And you’re right about victimhood. Though then some liberal will pipe up and argue the inherent unfairness of wealthier kids bringing tasty sack lunches and the poor kids having to eat the government slop, thereby banning the ability to bring lunch. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already, really. Since it’s all supposed to be “fair”…. unless, of course, we’ll have to start packing two, one for our own kid, and another for one “less fortunate.” Heh.

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