“This billboard simply doesn’t belong in NYC”

So opines Bill de Blasio who also called this ad “grossly offensive to women and minorities.”

What could inspire such angst among liberals?

The truth.


It was widely reported last month that 41% of all pregnancies in NYC end in abortion. Pundette asked:

One of the biggest questions: Where is the outrage in the black community? For blacks, almost 60% of NYC pregnancies end in abortion.

But of course that’s offensive to point out. Truth hurts. The billboard sits on a corner close a Planned Parenthood clinic.  No wonder the angst! Via Jill Stanek:

The billboard is about half a mile from one of three New York City Planned Parenthood abortion facilities which jointly reported nearly 17,000 abortions in 2010….

The campaign launch is designed to raise public awareness of PP’s targeting of minority neighborhoods….

How, exactly, is this “grossly offensive” to minorities? Wesley Smith argues it’s entirely the opposite:

But is de Blasio right in his criticism? I don’t think so. The sign isn’t graphic.  It isn’t saying that African-American women are bad mothers.  It seeks to raise the point that the number of abortions in the African-American community was very disproportionate to their demographic.  The pro life message clearly hopes to change that.

[…] the clear intent of the billboard [is] to persuade pregnant African-American women to give birth rather than terminate their unborn babies–it would seem to be to be the opposite of racially insensitive.  Indeed, doesn’t the sign validate the equality and importance of African-American lives?

It does. But once again, the truth matters not to liberals who espouse the abortion-on-demand-benefits-women-and-minorities-most meme despite evidence that points to the contrary.

Read the rest of the Smith piece and note his observation regarding the media treatment of the sign. It’s rather interesting.

UPDATE: One of Pundette’s “Recommended Reads.” Thanks!


12 Responses

  1. I see a great contradition on their comment cause, if the billboard is so offensive then they are saying that abortion is offensive. Let’s keep it simple.

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech with these liberals? Might also read a thriller out about Americans finally taking a stand so we can all go back to being normal again. ( http://www.booksbyoliver.com ). It’s a must read for this billboard & being ruled by liberals for decades.

    great article. Thanks so much. Didn’t see this on CNN. Why am I shocked? Thanks!

  2. Good to see greater visibility on a subject that has traditionally remained under the radar. Although Sanger’s initial desires towards women’s liberation appear innocuos (as depicted historically), the circles that she ran in, her exposure to eugenics, and her proclivitiy towards atheism prove otherwise. Her initial cause has morphed into a pervasive faction that disproportionately affects minorities. Interestingly, the pro-life movement is a unifying front among all Christian denominations, and it is nice to see traditional rifts drift away on the back of a worthy cause. If one might start off with the premise that life is truly sacred, a developing child in a mother’s womb is the quintessence of life; perhaps it is time that we as a society might view the unborn as sacred once again.

    • LU, welcome to the fold with your beautiful and insightful comment. I like your point about the pro-life movement as a unifier: it bothers liberals greatly to see the descendents of MLK, Booker T. Washington and Dred Scott be vocal opponents of abortion. With hope they will inspire a greater revolution among minorities to see abortion for the evil it is.

  3. Take that, you wretched, self-centered pro-deathers! The mirror really hurts, doesn’t it? Embrace your hellish selfishness…wallow in it. I have ZERO sympathy with you being “offended”. The War is ON, bitches!

  4. That is powerful! Thanks for finding that! It is so true. Why would anyone think that is offensive, except of course if they have a political agenda to grind into our noses.

  5. Free speech for me but not for thee . . .

  6. yessiree, the truth hurts

  7. That is offensive? Seems pretty darn tame to me.

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