Why I’ll never be a fashionista

It was bad enough when anorexic women served as muses for designers and editors. Now it’s anorexic transsexuals?  No wonder the trousers don’t fit me, eh? No hips!

 Andrej Pejic


With hope this will speed the realization among women that those in charge of dictating what we’re supposed to look like and fit into are out of touch with reality (and normality). And reject it.

Flashback: Never trust a man wearing heels higher than your own, ladies.

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14 Responses

  1. He looks exactly like Sebastian Bach of Skid Row back in the day, which is hot. The 80’s are making a comeback. Personally I go for the Tom Selleck type or Gerard Butler but if my guy is going to share a wardrobe with me I’d definitely shack up with Bach, David Bowie or this guy if he were a little older. There is someone for everyone.

    • I think I’d always pick a manly man over someone skinnier than me and borrowing my clothes, but you’re right: there is someone for everyone. ; )
      Pedicure for me, not for my honey. ; ) Ditto that for any spa service, skinny jeans, capris or product save hair gel: my poor husband has a wicked cowlick and needs his gel. lol

  2. Guys don’t really see (let alone care about) these models, photos, magazines or shows… they’re generally attracted to the “girl next door” look in women. Among women, only a small contingent of the very wealthy truly exist in a circle that follow depeche mode. The demographic that sees fashionista models like this is relatively small, so it only stands to reason that shock is the only way to broaden the audience… a bit shameful for sure, but it is undoubtedly affective.

  3. Heh, this certainly gives credence to the argument that the fashion industry is dominated by gay men who want their women to look like boys.
    I’m very much into fashion, but there is no denial that the industry exploits mentally ill women.

    • But it’s not just mentally ill women. It’s normal gals who feel pressured by the media glare to look “that way.” Except we’re really learning that “that way” is … anorexic transgendered guys who rock miniskirts in their twiggy legs.

      • I disagree about that. A stable woman can be persuaded to skip meals or go an unhealthy diet, and that’s obviously wrong, and here you can hold the fashion industry responsible, but the kind of “look” that the fashion models have is for the disturbed. Anorexia existed before the advent of New York fashion week, btw, but now it’s in.

      • OK, yes– I was speaking broadly about the stable women who diet. Like me now. lol. As far as “that look”–I agree. It’s not attractive. In the least. I’d rather look like a woman than a man (or woman lol) with twiggy legs who wears a miniskirt any day.

  4. Lisa — do try to keep up. Those old labels are obsolete. I bet you don’t even know what “flexisexual” means.

  5. I’m just going to say that I’m confused. This is weird to me. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to know when a man is a man and a woman is a woman. Isn’t that why we were created in one gender or the other? Ugh…

  6. Speaking of “fashion,” we had some laughs over these pictures last week:


    The last photo of the woman (?) in the egg-shaped costume is something I might be able to wear. Though I’m not sure where I’d wear it. To the moon, maybe.

    The nun outfits are weird but it gets weirder (and offensive) when you read about the little drama the designer created around them.

    • Oh my. I thought “The Flying Nun meets Doctor Who” was bad and finally reached “supernaturally hunky priests stripping [the nuns].”

  7. Some people will do anything to get attention.

  8. This could be just the angle to wake up some of the zombies. I like the way you think.
    Great idea and absolutely valid point.
    When did women start doubting their own opinions, exactly? Wake up people!

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