That’s not the lesson you should have learned

Noor al-Maliki was a beautiful young American girl, except her parents didn’t want her to be. They wanted her to behave as if the family were still in Iraq, where she wouldn’t have access to jeans or boys.

 So her father killed her. It’s all about honor, you see.

What strikes me most is the attitude among other immigrants:

Asked whether the community has taken away any lessons from Noor’s murder, the owner of an Iraqi grocery store in Peoria nods, explaining, “They don’t want their daughters to become like Noor.”

Saher Alyasry, a mother in her mid-30s praying at al-Rasool mosque, speaks out firmly, in Arabic, while her teenage daughter, rocking a newborn, translates. “I think what he did was right. It’s his daughter, and our religion doesn’t allow us to do what she did,” she says. “A guy who cares about his reputation, he should do that because people will start talking about him if he doesn’t.” When asked if honor is more important than love, she responds, “Yes. What’s the point of loving her if she’s bad?”

And liberals scoff at those who worry Sharia law will become more commonplace in heavily immigrant communities on American soil.



5 Responses

  1. Oh let’s just leave it. Thanks.

  2. “What’s the point of loving her if she’s bad?”


    just wow

  3. I’ve grown to really dislike Letterman, both for what’s come out about his personal life and for his political positions. Obviously he’s a mindless Liberal who wants to keep throwing money away. If you doubled it to $40,000 per student it wouldn’t make a difference, and Letterman would still be asking for more money.

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