It’s a different experience for the rest of us, too

Via the NYT this morning, an inside look into White House nanny tactics for staff:

 Michael Strautmanis had no sooner started his White House job as a deputy assistant to the president when his boss began badgering him.

“Am I working out? Am I eating right?” Mr. Strautmanis recalled President Obama asking. “And then he told me that I should use his trainer.”

The very fit president has sent other White House aides to Cornell McClellan, the trainer, a genial master tormenter who is the secret weapon behind Michelle Obama’s famously toned arms and who has overseen both Obamas’ exercise programs for more than a decade.

Mr. Strautmanis made one — and only one — appointment with Mr. McClellan, just to satisfy the president. But Mr. Obama had other plans.

As Mr. Strautmanis walked away from a White House news conference one morning, the president caught up with him and called out, “Strautmanis, Cornell says you’re not showing up for your workouts.”

And that’s when I knew this was going to be a different experience for me,” said Mr. Strautmanis, who has forsaken cheeseburgers, taken up egg whites and lost 20 pounds since he started twice-weekly sessions with Mr. McClellan in a gym at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

How I knew it would be a different experience for me: my receipts for groceries and gas. Normally I’d say I’ll keep my cheeseburger, thankyouverymuch, but with a pound of lean ground beef higher than a gallon of gasoline, maybe not.

When asked about fuel prices at a RaceTrac service station in Dallas, Shaun DuFresne tapped the screen on the pump, showing he had just spent $90.14 for diesel — at $3.50 a gallon — to fill his 2006 Ford F-250 pickup truck. Then he said something unprintable.

I did, too, once I realized that my quick trip to the store tallied $50.

I’m sure we’ll all lose more weight subsisting on dried beans and walking to the market for our meager rations.

Isn’t that what Michelle wanted in the first place?

H/t: Memeorandum.

UPDTAE: A “Recommended Read” at Pundit & Pundette. Thanks!


6 Responses

  1. It’s easier to eat 2800-calorie meals prepared by fashionable chefs when your taxpayer-supported personal trainer flies in to your personal gym to supervise your workouts three times a week.

  2. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! I always enjoy visiting your blog….

    Common Cents

  3. I read that article earlier this morning and could not picture my boss .. I mean we have a fitness center right here and the HR dept sends out emails encouraging the use of it. We get informational emails and new programs available alerts, etc. The insurance offers a discount if you pass a physical or complete a three month weight loss program. the usual stuff because it’s good business to have healthy, physically fit employees. less sick days … there’s a financial, capitalist reason for it. But if my boss were to get involved in my personal business to THIS extent without an invitation from me? Oh the fireworks there would be. I can think of no work environment except the military and law enforcement where people are watched, harrased to work out … to pay for a personal trainer. WTH ever happened to just leading by example? The ubber high guy where I work is at the gym regularly. I see him there working out. I mentioned it to co-workers and they decided to start working out because he is in such great shape clearly there’s a benefit. He’s not the work out police, he’s an inspiration.

    This president is bazaar.

  4. Can’t you just picture a White House filled up with rats on treadmills endlessly spinning their wheels?

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