P is for Prostitute: reason 10,013 to homeschool

Prostitute: A person who is paid money, or in other ways, to have sex with someone else.

Mentioning the exchange of drugs is obviously too risqué for the 5 year-old crowd, no?

Via Creative Minority Report, this just in from across the pond:

Explicit cartoons, films and books have been cleared for use to teach sex education to schoolchildren as young as five.

A disturbing dossier exposes a wide range of graphic resources recommended for primary school lessons.

The shocking material – promoted by local councils and even the BBC – teaches youngsters about adult language and sexual intercourse.

Among the books singled out in the report is How Did I Begin? by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom which has a cartoon image of a couple in bed in an intimate embrace.

It is accompanied by an explanation – using frank and adult terminology – of the act of intercourse.

Another, called The Primary School Sex And Relationships Education Pack by HIT UK, includes material to allow children aged five to 11 to learn about different sexual positions and prostitution.

The BBC has been highlighted for an educational video featuring full frontal nudity, while its learning resources department, BBC Active, shows computer-generated images of male genitalia.

When will parents be disgusted enough to say “enough”?! That the job of educating kids about sex falls to parents, not schools? Matthew Archibold of CMR reminds us that the erotic ed happens here, too:

And it’s not just the UK. Obama’s School Czar ran an organization that hosted students conferences about tolerance that were a cover for teaching 14 year old’s about “fisting.”

Here’s the thing -the moment you accept that it is the school’s responsibility to teach children about sex is the moment sanity lost. Parents in the pieces I’ve read are arguing that it’s too soon for this kind of material. But that’s quibbling. It’s not the state’s role to teach children about sex. Are schools doing such a great job that expanding their purview is in order? The argument must be that it’s the parent’s responsibility, not the state’s


Sex positions for kindergarteners. A child in a crib to explain “orgasm.” The definition of erection including “boy.” NAMBLA couldn’t do a better job.

Johnny may not be able to read in 8th grade, but he’ll always remember the Space Hopper.


6 Responses

  1. […] kids have access to inappropriate sexual material on the web when they receive the same in the classroom? Eco World Content From Across The Internet. Featured on EcoPressed Research: Using […]

  2. The British are sex obssessed. They have turned Victorian values on its head. I’m sure this will get pushed here sooner or later.

  3. I’m 50 plus years old and I feel sick reading this stuff. The thought that someone thinks this is OK for 5 years old is beyond belief.
    Honestly, Lord help the children!

  4. The Brit culture is on a fast downhill slide to destruction if things don’t change pretty drastically.

    If folks had their way, we would be too, but in the end there are too many like you and me that’ll prevent it happening.


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